The Time Museum


Have you wanted to travel through time? If so then you should be partners with Delia Bean. She is a normal kid in a normal life until now! Delia is just now finishing school for the year and is super excited to go to her uncle Lyndon’s place for a week or two. When the family gets to their uncle’s place he is on a work trip, well that’s what he says.

When Delia’s family goes to the public pool she decides to stay at their uncle’s place. As Delia is exploring she comes across a kiwi bird! This is not New Zealand so what could a kiwi bird be doing here? Delia decides to follow the bird and see where it is. This strange kiwi brings her to a gate with nothing past the gate but the landscape. “Gates were meant to be opened, right?” She asks the kiwi bird. When Delia opens the gate a whole museum pops out and has all sorts of creatures, people, and cool things inside! Delia hears her parents talking she wonders what they are doing in a place like this. She wanders over to them to see what’s going on. To her surprise she finds her uncle with them in this crazy place.

The time museum will keep you going until you really must stop reading this book. This book is appropriate for kids who would like a short quick graphic novel, and age wise 6-12. The time museum will keep you thinking of all the possible things that you could do if this book was true!