Meeting with T.A. Barron at CCIRA


“Waking up in the morning and thinking about kids wife and colorado wilderness makes me smile in the morning.” T.A. Barron once said. The Hero in Every Child was the title of T.A Barron session at the Colorado Council International Reading Association(CCIRA) in Denver this month. Mr. Barron is the author of over 30 highly acclaimed books. His series about Merlin the magician has caught the fascination and wonder numerous fans. Disney is currently in production to bring the book to life (film) for many others to enjoy. During Mr. Barron’s session he shared how one of his first heroines. His teacher encouraged him to write his imaginative stories living in his head. During his elementary years he wrote a newspaper that allowed him the freedom to really channel his creative writing skills. He was responsible for funding the print of the paper with the little money he had and often this teacher would make sure he had enough so the edition could go to print. This encouragement was huge and would be the right spark to keep his imaginative embers smouldering.

Another heroine Mr. Barron shared about was his mother Gloria Barron whose work with special needs children was outstanding. He fondly shared that his mom would give blind children ”out the box” experiences such as touching huge birds and their wings so they would experience more of what flight was for birds. She is also the inspiration and namesake for his foundation. The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes awards 25 children a year that are at the forefront of wonderful things in their community. Mr. Barron has a passion for children to understand the difference between celebrity and heroism. He states A celebrity is defined by fame, easy to spot but a hero is defined by character and traits that aren’t visible at all. Traits such as compassion,perseverance, generosity, courage and hope. Mr. Barron realizes that our society will hear a great deal about celebrities, so writing his book The Hero’s Trail and setting up the foundation is his hope that a legacy continues of young heros and their real life impact.
I gained great admiration for Mr. Barron when he shared about his life before he wrote the first Merlin series. He was the head of a successful environmental company and during a prime time he did the unthinkable and left his well paying job, moved back to Colorado in effort to see if he could write this book he had always wanted. Many around him tried to talk him out of going back to Colorado and one business acquaintance offer him a therapist card. One of the best life lesson shared from the life changing move was a great example for his wife and 5 kids. They got to see an up close and personal guide for going after your heart’s desire. I like that he shared that each of his kids were inspiration for writing his books and that he loved them all. His new book The Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words of Meaningful Life is to give the reader insight on to find the life that matters. I enjoyed meeting Mr. Barron, his compassion is contagious and magical like Merlin.