RTDs Train To The Plane


You just got off your flight into Denver to find out your ride cancelled, what can you possibly do at this point, well there is one option, RTDs “Train To The Plane” or the “A” line. As you walk too the doors of the station near the security line and the Hotel you will notice the beautiful architecture of the station. Speaking of the station its one of cleanest places in the airport. The personal both on and off the train are extremely helpful and friendly.The train station is built so there’s no stairs, plenty of wheel chair,bike, and luggage racks on each train car. When buying tickets at either Union Station or Denver Airport it cost $9.00 unless you’re a student or senior in which case its only $4.50. On board the train the seats all face forward instead of facing each other. The seats are also extremely comfortable and along with the nice warm air conditioning it makes for a nice comfy ride home. The only downside to the ride is there’s no music, just the sound of the engine and air conditioning. The engine isn’t loud but it is noticeable. There are 8 total stations including Union Station and Denver Airport. Is your phone almost dead? No Problem, there’s plenty of electrical outlets. There are a total of 91 seats and a full capacity of 170 standees and seats combined. Some extra facts that may interest some are, the maximum speed is 79 mph and there is 25,000 volts of electricity over your head and the train weighs 70 tons without anyone in it.
The “Train To The Plane” is a great way to get to the airport without any traffic or any toll roads just a simple payment of $9.00 to get to easily catch your plane.