The Uncommoners: The Crooked Sixpence


A dark secret. A hidden universe. Three kids whose choices can save it from mistrust and fear, or pitch it into chaos and destruction. Meet Ivy and Seb, in The Uncommoners Book 1: The Crooked Sixpence by Jennifer Bell.

When their Grandma Sylvie is sent to the hospital after an accident, Seb and Ivy get sucked into a world where an every object has the potential for extraordinary abilities. But not everything is butterflies and rainbows in the land of the uncommon. The Dirge, a terrorist group using uncommon objects to commit crimes, is back, and Ivy and Seb are the only ones that can stop them, along with their friend Valian Kaye.

Can the siblings learn to work together? Will justice be served when nothing is as it seems? Will Ivy and Seb overcome the mistakes of their own family? This thriller novel has a surprise ending, with the threat as well as an ally coming from an unexpected direction. Ivy and Seb have a very real sibling relationship. This fast paced, suspense filled adventure does a really good job of adding small pieces of mystery that all fit together at the climax, and at the point of resolution, there is still a mission to fulfill. I definitely recommend this book.