Little Things Can Mean A Lot to a Big Dog


In the book “Maxi’s Secrets” by Lynn Plourde, there is a short boy named Timminy. He is going into 5th grade, so he is probably about 9 or 10 years old. He lives in Maine and has to move to the urban part of Maine. He is upset about the move, but his parents gave him a dog named Maxi in exchange for moving, to help him adjust. The dog is a Great Pyrenees breed. Maxi has a whitish gold color to her fur and is deaf. At first Timminy has a hard time adjusting to this fact, but over time he gets used to it.

Timminy make friends with a blind girl named Abby. He meets her because she is the next door neighbor in his new neighborhood. The mailman says “a deaf dog in this house and a blind girl in the next house” and this leads Timminy to meet Abby who then helps Timminy meet other new kids and begin to fit in. This is particularly difficult to do for Timminy because his dad is the vice principal of his new school!

This book covers about 25 of Maxi’s secrets. Each secret is sort of a life lesson that Maxi teaches him. Of course, the dog cannot talk, but it can interact with you to teach you things! As he learns each secret, Timminy experiences them in real life.

My favorite life lesson #43 — “Life is one big story, with some chapters more exciting and more scary – than others.” It was my favorite because it explains how I see life, and yet it relates it to the flow of a book.

This story is a little bit of most genres: comedy, drama, action, sadness, etc. It was a hard book to read, and it was rather emotional. I would recommend it for other kids, but you may want to be a bit older to help handle the deep feelings that come with reading this book.