King Kong Skips the Big Apple This Time


Kong Skull Island, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts takes place right Vietnam War on a previously undiscovered island full of mythical monsters and of course… King Kong. When a secret government program called Monarch finds images of a mysterious uncharted island in the Pacific ocean, they launch an expedition to map the surface structure of the island. The expedition soon finds out that they are not alone on the island however. The entire fleet of helicopters is taken out by Kong and the survivors are scattered and have to regroup and get to the north side of the island in three days so they can be rescued. The beginning of the movie starts out in World War II with an American and a Japanese pilot crash landing on the island. They soon begin fighting and later encounter King Kong.

Overall, the movie was very good. The special effects were extremely realistic and added to the sense of reality with the movie. Everything, from the explosions to the colossal creatures looked very real. Another thing that was good about this movie was that while it was long (2 hours), it wasn’t painful to watch and the movie didn’t spend too much time dallying on unimportant details. This Kong movie was also a bit more sci-fi than the others. There were a lot more huge creatures and fictional animals that were in this movie than the others. Another good thing about the movie was that it was in 3D and it really added to the whole sense of realism especially when there were things like giant monsters on screen. One thing you should note is that it is a very violent movie and has a lot of gore in it as well. While Kong: Skull Island was a good movie, there were some things that were not so great about it. Samuel L. Jackson’s performance as Preston Packard in the movie was not so great. It seemed like his character was very forced and it wasn’t natural. There also was a little bit of consistency with the condition of the ape and how injured it was. In the beginning, the expedition tries to kill Kong, but fails. Later, we can see Kong tending to his wounds when he is attacked by an abnormally large octopus. Kong kills it almost effortlessly as if he weren’t injured at all. The time that the movie takes place also doesn’t make very much sense and it was hard to tell if there was some hidden meaning to it.

If you are into movies with a lot of special effects and are alright with violence and gore then this movie is definitely worth seeing. The movie is rated PG-13 so you won’t want to bring a six year old child to see it.