The Unstoppable Twosome


Emmaline lived a normal, recurrent life any little girl would, she didn’t know what was going to happen in the future. She lived with both her parents and her sister. Little did she know that one day all of this was going to be taken away. “The Secret Horses of Briar Hill” written by Megan Shepherd, introduces a whole new world to readers.

Emmaline is a refugee from the English World War II. She lives in the Briar Hill Hospital, which was once the home of a beautiful princess. She is there not only because she got separated from her family but because she has a sickness called the stillwaters. She misses her whole family including the horses in the family bakery. These horses were very special to Emmaline. She cared for them every day. Ever since she moved there she could see winged horses in the mirrors of the dreary hospital. They reminded her of the horses she cared so dearly about. Kids would laugh at Emmaline taunting that winged horses don’t exist. She kept it a secret, but 2 people know about this too. Her friend Anna who is a patient at the hospital and one more person knew. The person Emmaline least expected saw the horses with their very own eyes. How could this be?

As the story continues, just behind the sundial in the garden another secret unfolds into an adventure, she must guard the hidden winged horse that somehow made it to the real world. With a wounded wing she can’t fly out of the garden, worst of all, she couldn’t protect herself against the evil forces that are after her. The Horse Lord left a note behind instructing Emmaline what to do. Find out what he has Emmaline do to save this magical creature. As I started to read, it was very hard for me to visualize and follow what the author was describing. I had to restart the book and pay attention to every little detail. Even though this book is very well written and the author used very vivid language it was still hard for me to follow a sequence. I would suggest that if this happens to you that you go back and re-read. I guarantee you will get hooked into the story. This book is an outstanding work of writing that drags you into the fictional world. Once you are connected it is easy to feel like you are a part of this secret.