Fat Babies In Suits: The Movie


There are two types of good movies in this world: Those that have a well thought out plot, incredible acting, and beautiful cinematography; and those that include fat babies in suits. While the movie Boss Baby may not win best picture, it is still a hilarious animated movie that anyone could relate to.

7 year old Timothy Leslie Templeton (voiced by Miles Christopher Bakshi) has the perfect life. Parents who love him, all the toys he could ever want, and no one to share it with. However, one day a businessman rolls into town, a businessman that’s two feet tall, still wears diapers, and has one tooth. Timothy quickly discovers that his new brother, this “Boss Baby” (voiced by Alec Baldwin) isn’t what he seems. He is working for a top secret organization called Baby Corp., whose mission is to bring back love to the babies from the most dreaded enemy of all… puppies! “Boss Baby” gets all the attention and love from Timothy’s parents, and at first, Timothy is angry at him and tries to get rid of him. But, he soon realizes that he may need something new in his life more than he had ever imagined. This teaches the audience that good things may come in unexpected way. Even though the movie is ridiculous, there is still a very real message that kids and adults alike can appreciate.

Timothy and the “Boss Baby” team up to try to defeat Puppy Co., the leading manufacturer of puppies. They go on a mission to try to win back love for the babies. They face security guards, supervillians, flight attendants, evil babysitters, and spaceships along the way, but their teamwork and perseverance gets them through. The funny and sad moments, make this film enjoyable to watch and will have you smiling, laughing, and enjoying yourself from start to finish.

The best part about Boss Baby is the fact that is entertaining and fun for all ages. There are cute puppies for younger children and humor that goes right over kids’ heads for the adults. And while there may be no serious challenges that occur in life in the movie, the messages behind the story are still heartwarming and real.

Boss Baby captures a story of teamwork, love, toughness, fun, and heartbreak, all thinly veiled under a hilarious world of talking babies. So next time you want to laugh, smile, and watch babies eat cookies, go see Boss Baby, a fun movie for all ages.