Well, That Was Awkward is a Great Middle School Read!


Gracie is an 8th grader who feels overshadowed by her best friend Sienna, who in Gracie’s mind is perfect and beautiful which might not always be the case. Then she starts to have HUGE crush on her good friend A.J. There’s just one problem A.J likes Sienna…and she likes him back. But Gracie puts on a brave smile and helps her friend impress A.J through texts and calls. After a while she starts feeling hurt and used.

But her funny and understanding friend Emmet is always there for her even if she doesn’t always notice. Gracie tries to act happy and carefree but on the inside she’s mourning the dead sister she’s never met and dealing with the stress of trying to impress everyone. All the while, thinking she’s not pretty enough or good enough for A.J. Page after page is a funny and deep story about a girl who just needs to find out who she is and learn the true meaning of first “love”. The story can make anyone who reads it fall in love with relatable characters and funny conversations.

It will make you laugh at the age-old situations with a 21st century spin, as some points in this story are written as texts from one person to another. The plot has several twist and turns that kept me interested and intrigued. I think this book will touch the hearts of every person who has felt that they are not good enough and let others take the spotlight. Well, That was Awkward teaches an important message: You are perfect just the way you are and you don’t need to change to impress anyone. I would recommend this for anyone who is in middle school or high school since it is in a middle school setting.