Can you feel the “Power” Rangers?


The new “Power Rangers” movie is a show that is sure to leave you gawking. This movie follows the path of how Jason (red Power Ranger played by Dacre Montgomery) leads his new team into battle against Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks), a power hungry former ranger that wants to suck all life out of earth. She was previously a good power ranger until one day when she chose not to obey her leader’s commands and was kicked out of the group. She then turned in to a rebel.

The movie opens up to a dark scene with Rita standing over the bodies of the last team of Power Rangers that are dead at her feet. The only survivor is the former red Ranger who takes the power coins from his fallen comrades and buries them so that they may find the next worthy rangers. The story lets you explore the changes in lives of Jason, Billy (RJ Cyler), Kimberly (Naomi Scott), Zack (Ludi Lin), and Trini (Becky G.) as they become the new power rangers and how they come together as a team. At the beginning they didn’t know each other at all. However, they had something in common; they all didn’t fit in. Life events led them to being at the same place at the same time where things happen that led them to be chosen.

Rita has monsters in her control. They are giant chunks of rock that are alive and can beat you up. Once Rita has enough gold, she’ll be able to summon Zordon (Bryan Cranston). Zordon is an old giant monster made out of pure gold that is made to rip the lifecore out of earth thereby destroying humanity.

This movie exceeded my expectations because the graphics were great, incredible acting, and lots of fights. This was an exciting storyline, but it does not have a lot of comedy. I recommend this movie for ages 9-15. The storyline is rather easy to follow however there are a lot of fights that might intimidate younger kids. Older people might not enjoy it because it is targeted to a younger audience.