A wonderful, wicked, and wizzpoping adventure through Roald Dahl’s world and characters


Wonderful, Wicked, and Wizzpopping is a book of summaries about Roald Dahl’s stories and how he came up with the ideas.

Each page of the book tells the summary of each of his books. Some even contain a mini book for extra insight, like how to spot a witch in “the Witches”, or the trunchbulls many rules, in “matilda”. There is also a great deal of facts in the book, like where Roald Dahl got his ideas and some info on the author himself.
it even comes with a letter in the back…

I learned lots of things from this book like that his hip bone was found in his writing shop, and that he worried he would not have good enough ideas for his book.
I think this book was very good, but I also thin it was a little easy for me to read, that’s why I think the age range for this book would be 8-12 years of age because it may be a little scary for some younger kids yet it is still easy to read.
But no matter the age range I hope anyone and everyone enjoys this book.
Over all, this book was a wonderful book, wickedly fun to read, and wizzpoping? I guess you will have to read the book to find out what that means.