Creative Novel Overshadowed by Negative Message


In Lisa Bunker’s newest novel, Felix Yz, Bunker reimagines life as we know it. In her novel, a human boy, Felix gets fused with an alien during a freak accident. Felix Yz is a blog of Felix’s personal experience of living fused with a fourth-dimensional being, Zyx and tells about the high-risk procedure that could detach Felix and the fourth-dimensional being.


Within the first few pages, many ingenuitive and insightful ideas appear that significantly contribute to luring the reader in. As an example, Felix communicates with Zyx by letting the fourth-dimensional being take control of his fingers to type words onto Felix’s computer screen, successfully communicating with Felix. There is also a male love interest for Felix and it truly breaks roles and gives this book some diversity from many other novels. The perceptive similes and metaphors are a jackpot for visual readers. Vivid figurative language and descriptions give way to astounding visuals. Although the story contains numerous extra details, some are under explained and dampen the brilliance of this book.


There is usage of the r-word in Felix Yz that may start to mainstream the use of this unspeakable word because it is in a novel for preteens. Numerous campaign’s efforts to end the usage of the r-word may become overshadowed by the unnecessary usage of the r-word in Felix Yz. Also, a message about disabled individuals is prominent in this novel and it is a demeaning one. In this book, Felix explains how others think that he is mentally disabled, but he is just fused with an alien. Felix Yz gives the impression that mental disabilities make people seem like aliens. It is derogatory and offensive. It’s definitely not a message that should be sent to the public.


Felix Yz is an imaginative novel with good intentions, but tarnished by its discriminatory message towards people with disabilities. In my opinion, this book scores 2 out of 5 extra-terrestrials due to its creative direction, but the use of the r-word and comparing people with mental disabilities to aliens is repulsive. I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to purchase or read this novel.