Disney on Ice


Thursday, April 6th was the opening night of the fantastic Disney on Ice show at the Denver Coliseum. This event is an inspiring ice performance teaching anyone and everyone to dream big, because dreams really can come true. All the disney characters were in it, including Tiana, Ariel, Cinderella, Olaf, and more! This show will awe you and make you feel five years old again.

If you’re considering going, there are a few things you need to know. One: a lot of the girls were in costume, so feel free to get out those mouse ears and fancy dresses. Two: a lot of the souvenirs and food were very pricey, and stuff that was usually five bucks became thirty. Three: you need a jacket, as it gets cold in the stadium. Four: the intermission is super short, and you could easily miss Tiana’s very brief part.I find it nice that they let kids get close to the ice, and also let them sing and dance to the songs. It’s also way more interactive than you would think. Anna made every girl watching feel like they had been said hi to personally.

This is not just an event for kids, however. Grownups without kids were also found there. Minnie and Mickey Mouse narrated between stories, which were shortened versions of most of the classics. Non-Disney fans will be sort of confused for because the shortened versions don’t have a lot of the plot, just someone having a dream and it coming true, it can be a bit confusing. The sailors from The Little Mermaid, who usually don’t have a big part in any retelling, steal the show with their acrobatics. At one point one of them gets catapulted onto a high platform- on ice skates! Another thing I liked were the amazing pyrotechnics, such as sparks during “Let It Go” and actually lighting the ice on fire during the Sleeping Beauty sequence. There wasn’t just a story line, though. The characters actually know super advanced tricks, such as back handsprings and torpedo spins. This was a really amazing experience, definitely worth the money and any hassle you might encounter.