The Future Depends on You . . .


MacGillivray Freeman’s “Dream Big: Engineering Our World” is now showing at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in the Phipps IMAX theatre in 3D. On April 5th Greg MacGillivray, the director, and Menzer Pehlivan, a female engineer from Turkey, spoke to a packed audience about this movie.

Menzer is the main character in the movie. She lived through an earthquake in her hometown in Turkey, that killed many people in only 4 minutes. That disaster made her think of becoming an engineer because she saw how many lives were lost as a result of poor engineering. Also she remembers waking up at 3 am to her mother frantically trying to wake her up because her mom thought the building was going to collapse. There was a miracle baby in the earthquake because it survived 42 hours in the rubble!

This movie is encouraging young kids to become engineers. It features many stories, but it focuses on 4 main characters, of course all engineers. One of the people highlighted in the movie, Avery Bang, gave up an opportunity for a high paying job in the US in order to go to countries in need and build bridges. They showed footage of them building a bridge in Africa. They showed how happy the children were when the bridge was built because it made it so that the kids could travel safely to their school, which is on the other side of a river. This was important because when the water rises, they are in danger and just going to school lost about 50 kids a year during high tides. One woman was a mother of 8, and she drowned taking the kids to school. Her kids actually joined the team that built the bridge. It must have been really hard. Think about it, you are walking across a river and just like that, your mom is gone. Then you are building a bridge over the exact place where you lost her. I was happy that the kids got a bridge, but I was sad that until that bridge came, they had to walk through the area that their mother had died every day on their way to school. I’m shocked that they even still liked school.

This movie gives you mixed emotions and really gets to your heart. The movie teaches you about various reasons for being an engineer and introduces you to the life of an engineer. I found it to be very touching, and I recommend it for everyone.