Innocent Heroes Review


Innocent Heroes is a book about the many service animals of the World Wars. The variety of animals that changes by chapter teaches people about all the service animals there are, other than just dogs. Something that was interesting about the book was the way that author Sigmund Brouwer started the story with a small paragraph about the United Kingdom declaring war on Germany. I thought this was interesting because it hits you with a little bit of facts and history rather than just telling an ongoing story of all the animals and a little bit of the war. The ages suggested to read this book would be anywhere from 10-15 for two reasons. Reason one, the reading level is rather easy but still has a bit of an advanced vocabulary. Reason two, anything over or under the age would either not know what half the book says and the other half just might not be interested because of the “softness” of the book. The story starts a little slow and lengthy/boring but once you get to about half way through the first chapter things start to get interesting. Some parts of the story do involve animals dying so if you are sensitive to that kind of gore than I wouldn’t recommend this book to you. Other than a select few animals dying the book is extremely family friendly and has a great lesson for kids. The lesson is, Never give up even if you’re never supposed to make it, make the unknown become known. In conclusion Innocent Heroes is a great book that is a great book to either read around or with friends and family. If you do choose to read this book my only comment is “Enjoy”.