Meet My New Ex-Girlfriend


Boyfriend-hood is tough. But with baseball tryouts, NYC Nites, and breakdowns- it’s impossible to get through it all.

That’s where Charlie “Chollie” Muller, Sam Dolan, and Duke-Vanderbilt Samagura step in. Through creative writing and another point of view, emails, and personal narrative, My Future Ex-Girlfriend by Jake Gerhardt brings a fun-to-read, cleverly formatted, spirited, relatable and addictive book to the table. The pages will just keep turning.

Sam has big plans with his new girlfriend, Erica Dickerson, like bonding over a glorious New York City. But when his best friend Foxxy, who has very recently gone through a harsh breakup, becomes the third wheel and totally ruins Sam’s chances with Erica- stealing the spotlight for Sam and her, it almost feels like he, the school’s amazing class clown, was being outcasted in his own relationship.

Charlie, the guy obsessed with sports, has choked on every winning touchdown and winning free throw in the tied games against their rival. He can not mess up on baseball, he needed to win this for his pride and reputation. Either way, he’ll have his amazing girlfriend Miranda Mullaly beside him. Only their dinner date seems to be more with his dad over sports than with Miranda. Plus, who knew she’s a vegetarian? It takes a slightly rocky turn from there on.

Duke, a smart and corrective intellectual, found Sam’s sister, Sharon, who is another astute and beautiful whiz, as his beloved. It’s pretty awkward, it’s a little more awkward when she’s embarrassed about him. Duke, a little on the nerdy and controlling side, finds it hard to keep archenemy Ralph Waldo from weaseling his way to Sharon’s heart. But after a meltdown over the spelling of “Nites” (He was sure it was spelled “nights”), a bit of New York brought to their school instead of going to New York, things seem to get better, especially after that horrible triple-date seeing some odd and childish movie.

Even though some spots are rough and some spots weirdly romantic, Gerhardt puts forth a style of writing that makes the book your humble best reading buddy. Simplistic, yet it holds onto the reader’s attention. It’s a very fun read that all middle schoolers will enjoy.

*please note that the book is not for sale and mistakes, grammar and spelling can/will be edited