What is More Awkward Than a High School Drama?


What is more awkward than a high school drama? Dimple and Rishi’s relationship. Sandhya Menon’s “When Dimple met Rishi” is an emotional rollercoaster where you get emotionally attached to the two protagonists in this story. Dimple Shah is a headstrong female character with unruly hair. She breaks many stereotypes that have been set for girls her age. She enjoys (and is quite good at) coding and engineering, she could not care less about makeup and beauty products and finally, against the wishes of her mother, she is not at all interested in finding “the ideal Indian husband”. Rishi Patel on the other hand is quite artistic at heart, though he is going to MIT to honor the wishes of his father. He is a romantic and is ready to meet Dimple, his bride-to-be. Rishi likes the idea of being a part of something bigger than him, and he believes in all of the Indian traditions he was brought up on. When both teenagers end up going to the same summer camp, extraordinary things happen.

Dimple has no knowledge that she is to become a part of an arranged marriage, but Rishi has known he will be for a while. When they meet at the SFCU campus in San Francisco for a coding camp, their first impression does not go as planned. Salt is then rubbed in the wound when Dimple is partnered with Rishi to create an app for the chance to meet her idol. She has no interest in dating or even hanging out with Rishi, and she is frustrated that her parents never told her about him. As time goes on, eventually their relationship grows as friends and they become more comfortable with each other. This lovely story includes a “non-date”, a dinner with “Aberzombies”, Little Comic Con, a Bollywood dance and so much more. The adventures of Dimple and Rishi will have you shedding tears of laughter and tears of sadness. Will Dimple fall in love with Rishi? Will they win the chance to have their app worked on by Dimple’s idol? Most importantly, will they change along their journey?

“When Dimple met Rishi” is an exciting book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is definitely a young adult book because of some adult themes but it was super fun to read and it is definitely a must read for fans of love, humor, dedication and change. The characters are both great influences. Overall a magnificent novel!