Do you know what ad nausea means? Well, that is one of the few things Mary Adler doesn’t know. Mary Adler, a 7 year old math whiz, lives in a coastal Florida town with her uncle Frank Adler. She lives a simple life in a simple house. Frank is a boat mechanic. Mary owns a one eyed orange tabby cat named Fred. They live across the street from Mary’s best friend, Roberta, a 40 year old woman.

Everything was perfect, until Evelyn Adler, Mary’s grandmother, showed up. 

Mary’s mom Diane Adler had committed suicide when Mary was just a few months old. Diane was an extraordinary mathematician, just like her mother, Evelyn. She had committed her life to solving and proving the Navier-Stokes existence and smoothness Millennium Math problem, one of the seven hardest math problems in the entire world. Evelyn Adler had also been a very talented mathematician. Though, with the sign of the times, she was forced to live the common life of a housewife, raising Frank and Diane, instead of pursuing her math career. Evelyn then proceeded to live through Diane, pressuring her to be the mathematician she had always wanted to be, but never could.

Diane’s keen eye for math was passed on to her daughter Mary. As a seven year old Mary was doing advanced calculus, and surprising her classmates with her astounding math skills. Evelyn took her to see Seymore Shankland, a professor at a prestigious school in Boston. He had Mary look at an advanced calculus math problem but Mary could not complete it. Mostly, because Seymore had intentionally forgotten the minus sign on the exponent making the problem unsolvable. Mary had noticed the problem right away, but didn’t say anything until later. That was when the professor and her grandmother knew that Mary was truly ‘Gifted’.
This film tells a story of courage and sacrifice. Immediately after I exited the theater, I wanted to see it again. The entire theater was interactive with the movie, laughing at funny parts and gasping at surprising moments, which shows the exquisite craft of the director. This movie contains mild language that I believe is too aggressive for a nine year old or below. There is also one racy scene that I would only recommend for children ten and up. The film’s great humor interacts with all ages. This movie is definitely worth your time and money.