The Stars are Alive


For young Honorine, life as a maid is dull. Dust that, polish this, daydream for a minute or two in between. But suddenly, strange things begin happening. The East parlor catches fire, omen stones are glowing, smoldering paw prints are burned into the rug, and a strange feather appears that turns to dust soon after it is picked up. Her life is about to get much more interesting…

“The Star Thief” is a book that follows the adventure of Honorine, an orphan that has worked as a maid in the Vidalia Mansion all of her life. But one night, everything changes. She finds two intruders ransacking Lord Vidalia’s study, and a young girl with wings appears. Honorine proceeds to follow the girl out to the greenhouse.

There she meets constellations, which have come to life! Throughout the story, these animated stellar Muses include Lupus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Andromeda, Eridanus, Pegasus, Scorpio, and the ever elusive Mapmaker. The constellations are called Mordant, and the captain of the steamship Gaslight is after them. What will happen as the very stars themselves are forced to fight for their freedom?

“The Star Thief” is a book filled with adventure, mysteries, and divided loyalties. Lindsey Becker, the author, has a way with words, making you think that you are actually there, inside the story. You can feel Honorine’s confusion and internal conflict when she is learning her true heritage; and her determination to save the crew of the Gaslight when she learns of the Mapmaker’s plans. Becker uses vividly descriptive metaphors and similes to show the urgency of Honorine’s mission as she strives to rescue the people that are unwittingly writing their own death sentence.

With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a fiery personality, Honorine is one of the most authentic characters that I have ever read about. She is realistic in the fact that she resides on a grey line, discovering a secret that ties her to both sides. This is unlike most of the books I have read where the protagonist was a diehard supporter of the light.

Full of secrets, lies, and adventure, The Star Thief is perfect for the lover of the fantasy genre. This book is recommended for ages 8+, and is definitely worth buying!