Mysterious Door Leads to Adventure


This book features a pig in a teeny hat. “The Explorers: the Door in the Alley”, by Adrienne Kress, is a book with a pig in a teeny hat. Let me explain, It all started when Sebastian was walking home from school, and he decided to take a shortcut. As he walked through the alley, he came along a door. Over the door, “The Explorers Society” was inscribed into the wall. It scared him, and he ran home.

The next day, on his walk home from school, he took his normal route. When he walked up to a stoplight, a pig in a teeny hat bolted out from the one alley he was supposed to avoid. After he had picked up and calmed down the pig, the pig’s owner came running, but in zig zags. When the man finally reached Sebastian, he took a few minutes to catch his breath. He grabbed the pig and instructed Sebastian to come with him because only Sebastian can keep the pig calm. Sebastian followed him, and before he knew where he was, he saw the sign. The man had taken him to the Explorers Society!

Sebastian found that the man’s name was Hubert. Hubert unlocked the door and brought Sebastian inside. I can’t tell you what was inside, in spite of telling too much already. But, one thing led to another, and soon, he was sitting atop a giant tree on a wooden platform with the society’s leader, Myrtle. Myrtle took no time before telling him that she was gonna call the cops and have him arrested for trespassing. After A LOT of pleading, Sebastian had a new consequence. He had to come to the society every day and help out. I can’t tell you the rest of the book, but it was so exciting that I wish I could. From half-melted people to gunfights, this book is certainly the oddest book I have ever read.

I think that the oddness of this book is what makes it exciting. I recommend this book for anyone ages 9 through 13. I think that anyone under 9 might not be able to understand or follow the plot of the book, and once you become over 13, you might not like this because it is more of a kid’s story. Overall this is a very odd but incredible book.