Supervillain Chaos Wreaks Havoc


“How to be a SuperVillain” by Michael Fry is a book about a kid named Victor who does not want to become a supervillain. Victor thought that supervillains were super lame. Unfortunately, his parents REALLY wanted him to become one! He was apprenticed by force to a supervillain named ‘The Smear’. At first Victor doesn’t like the Smear but after some training with him he began to like him and actually started to love being his apprentice.

There are several supervillains that you’ll meet in this book. Some are really lame, like Moldy Dave. Moldy Dave and the Yeast Master are lame because their super powers are, well useless and gross. Others are incredible like Doctor Deplorable. Doctor Deplorable is the best supervillain in the league. He is the ideal definition of a supervillain. Even Victor’s family “the Spoil Sports” are supervillains! For a living, Victor’s family basically causes havoc everywhere they go. In addition to the supervillains, there are, of course, normal people. They basically knit socks all day (boring!).

This is an action book. The Smear has been banned for 20 years and all of a sudden he is allowed back in the supervillain league. The supervillain league is a group that stages fights with each other for entertainment, however the crowd doesn’t know that it is fake. The Smear tends to go off script a lot which causes a lot of trouble. When The Smear goes off script it causes a lot of issues for Victor. Sometimes he is successful in interfering with The Smear’s plans, sometimes he isn’t. I’ll let you read the book to discover what happens.

This book is also a comedy because there are a lot of funny scenes and the author has a good sense of humor.

This was a quick book to read. I enjoyed a lot of the dialog between the characters because it was pretty funny. The illustrations were humorous with little details that made them interesting. I definitely recommend this book. There is no naughty language or anything and the words are rather simple so it is appropriate for a wide range of ages.