Have You Heard of the Sword and the Stone?


The movie “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” is about a kid named Arthur (played by Charlie Hunnam). His parents were royalty, and he watched while his father (the king), and mother (the queen), were killed in front of him. He survived the ordeal because his dad was brave and sacrificed himself to make sure that Arthur was safe. He was then discovered by a few ladies who fostered him and nurtured him. He also went to a fighting class where he studied for several years. Later on in his life, he came across some Vikings who were trying to steal from the ladies who raised him. He stabbed one of them in the side with an arrow and cut off the beard of the leader.

After his parents’ death, his uncle became king because no one could find him, and his uncle was a bad guy that took over the country. Arthur was eventually caught by a guard of his uncle when he was sneaking around in the back streets of Londinium. They took him to an island where there is a stone that they had every kid test pulling a sword out of. Apparently, only the next king could pull the sword from the stone. Arthur pulls it and the sword comes out, and the guards immediately take him away and put him in a dungeon and try to execute him in front of the public. However a special person interferes and uses an interesting way (magic) to free him. He then joins the rebellion against the current king (his uncle).

This is a very good movie, but it is rated PG-13. It is not appropriate for younger children because it says the ‘F’ word and there is a lot of violence in the movie. One very interesting aspect of the movie is that the movie ends with the creation of the round table.

This movie is intriguing yet hard to follow. The plot is very, very confusing. It skips around a lot, and the main characters are often daydreaming (which makes it difficult to understand what is really happening now or what is a flash to the future or to the past). If you know the basic story about King Arthur and Excalibur, then you should be able to follow along.