A Heartwarming Story About a Girl that Overcomes Adversity Through the Power of Friendship


Lucky Broken Girl, written by Ruth Behar is a wonderful book to read. When you first read the title of the book it doesn’t sound like the most interesting book, but in the end it turned out to be one of my favorite books I’ve read in my lifetime so far.

Ruthie, the main character in Lucky Broken Girl moves from Cuba to Queens, New York with her family when she’s in 5th grade. Hopscotch is always being played out front of the apartments where she lives. There is a girl there wearing Go Go boots and Ruthie really really wants a pair so her dad gets her her first pair of Go Go Boots. One day Ruthie gets in a car accident and she gets put in a body cast for a little bit over a year. One of the things that makes her the most sad is that she loses one of her boots and she knows how hard her dad worked to save the money to buy them. She has a broken leg and knows it will take a long time to recover from her injury. At first she feels stuck in her apartment but while she is in her cast new neighbors come by to visit. These new people teach her different lessons throughout the book. The thing I thought was really cool about this book is all the friends she meet along the way are all from different cultures. Not only is she lucky to have survived her accident she is also lucky to have learned so much about the great people in her neighborhood.

I would recommend Lucky Broken Girl to anyone who likes to read stories with interesting characters. Some the characters in this book even speak spanish which makes reading those parts fun to try and figure out.