The Illusionists, Live from Broadway


“The Illusionists, Live from Broadway” played at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts at The Ellie Theatre, from May 19th – 21st, 2017. This was a magic and illusionist show. The show comprised of several artists, each of whom had a unique skill.

Andrew Basso was the escapologist. He looked up to Harry Houdini and re-enacted one of his tricks. Ben Blaque was the weapon master. He used a cross-bow in his routines. Colin Cloud was a deductionist and does mind reading. Jeff Hobson was a trickster. He kept the show going by doing traditional magic tricks in between the other performers acts. Kevin James was an inventor. He made stuff float with levitation. An Ha Lim was the manipulator. He specialized in card tricks. Dan Sperry was the anti-conjuror. He was just plain freaky. For example, he swallowed stuff that no one should ever put in their mouth.

The room was pretty large and they kept the lighting dim. The audience was a mix of various kids and adults. The show was definitely appropriate for kids of all ages, even though the trickster did make some kind of inappropriate jokes, but they were mostly over the heads of the youngest kids.

I enjoyed the show. My favorite act was by Dan Sperry. The performers all had unique routines and were creative with their use of props. Especially Colin Cloud that used a prop that everyone could access.

This show was on Broadway in New York City and is now touring. Visually the show was appealing with a lot of colors and each performer had their own look and feel including special costumes. Even though they each had their own type of mini show, the fact that Jeff Hobson did magic in between each act made the show come together with a comedic appeal.

I would definitely see this show. The show was a bit lengthy but really enjoyable so it didn’t seem to drag on at all. If this show comes to town again I highly recommend it.