A ‘Brief’ Look at the Latest Superhero Movie


If you’ve been to the movies recently, you’ve probably heard something about Captain Underpants. The books were a part of many childhoods (and childhood pranks), and the movie captures many of the main ones.

George Beard (Kevin Hart) and Harold Hutchins (Thomas Middleditch) are best friends that love to make comics together–and pull pranks constantly on their teachers. Captain Underpants is the boys’ greatest comic creation, and they bring him to life by hypnotizing their principal, just in case you never read the books.
When the principal, Mr. Krupp (Ed Helms), threatens to put them in separate classes, they have to try to save their friendship as well as the school when an evil professor with an entertaining name (Nick Kroll), attempts to forever wipe senses of humor from everyone’s minds. And they have to do all that with a superhero running around in his underpants attempting to save everyone at the same time.

The movie kept to the books pretty accurately, from all the animation of the characters to the events and adventures of the protagonists– plus it captures the pain of not being in the same class as your best friends as well as the struggle of staying awake in certain classes. Now, they did leave out a few good parts from the books, but that was to keep the time down. As it is, it runs at an hour and a half.

It’s PG rating is for a reason, there being a few scenes of animated violence towards the end of the movie. However, because it’s aimed for younger people, the violent scenes aren’t exactly what most of us would consider violent.

Captain Underpants-The First Epic Movie is definitely aimed at younger audiences, but if you ever read the books and enjoyed them, it won’t disappoint. It definitely captured the important moments of the books. There’s plenty of potty humor for anyone that enjoys that sort of thing (the entire plot is sort of based off of it), and most of it is pretty funny.

I would recommend this for ages six and up, as long as they know that their toilet will not try to eat them. It is aimed towards a younger demographic but will be enjoyable for adults as well. There are opportunities for pranking ideas, but I doubt anyone would try them.

This is a great movie, complete with accurate animation, song and dance, plenty of pranks, and a surplus of humor–not including all the extra things from the books that they included in the film.

As earlier stated, if you’ve read the books, the movie will meet the standards that Dav Pilkey set almost two decades ago. If you’ve never read the books, it’s a laugh-out-loud funny animated movie with plenty of humor for kids and adults alike. Among the disasters and conflicts of today’s world, whether or not you know about them, Captain Underpants is a breath of fresh air.