Original Story That Isn’t Too Far-Fetched


Bodyguard: Recruit by Chris Bradford is the first in an eight book series. It is about a teenager who lives in the UK named Connor Reeves. Connor is a kickboxing champion. After winning a kickboxing tournament, he is recruited by Guardian. Guardian is a top-secret organization that recruits young people to act as bodyguards for people who might be the target of some sort of attack. The point of hiring young people is to make the bodyguards undercover and to not arouse suspicion. As a part of this organization, Connor undergoes training in surveillance, anti-ambush exercises, hostage survival, and unarmed combat. This is to prepare him for all of his dangerous missions that he has ahead of him. However nothing can truly prepare him for his first assignment, protecting the President of the United States’s daughter. Connor’s job is to protect the president’s daughter when the secret service can’t. Now his job is even more vital because, unbeknownst to the Secret Service, there is an active terrorist group in America. That group’s mission is to kidnap the one person Connor is supposed to protect.

Overall, Bodyguard: Recruit sets the stage for a potentially exciting book series. The beginning of the book plunges you headfirst into action that gets you engaged in the story. It makes you want to read more. The ending also leaves you wanting to read the next book. The book moved at a very good pace. There were no moments that felt like they were unnecessarily long and pointless. Bodyguard: Recruit is 250 pages long and is rated for ages 10 and up. This is an appropriate age as the plot, which includes topics such as terrorism, might not be appropriate for younger ages. The reading level should also be doable for most people of the recommended age. I give this book four stars of five and it would be a great addition to your summer reading list.