Cirque du Soleil – Luzia!


Cirque du Soleil’s “Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico” is playing in Denver at the Pepsi Center, Prius West Lot through July 9.

Cirque du Soleil is a bit difficult to explain. The shows are a mix of theatre, music and singing, light shows, dancing, gymnastics clowns, and circus skills. The combination is amazing. There was jumping through hoops, rope tricks, juggling, soccer ball dancing, a contortionist, lots of flying through the air stunts, a strong man, and more.

Luzia is a show that plays on the mix of rain and light and is inspired by Mexico. They do some really neat things with both light and rain. I really liked one scene where the rain suddenly takes shape!

There is not much talking in this show. There is a funny guy that comes on stage a lot (kind of like a clown without the clown clothes). He never speaks but yet he has a funny way of letting you know what he is wanting to say. The singing is all in Spanish so I personally did not understand the words as I do not speak Spanish.

Before the show I interviewed their contortionist Alexsei Goloborodko. Alexsei is very friendly and laughs a lot. He is from Tula Russia and his favorite animal is a jaguar and he is not a fan of animals being used in circuses. That’s good though since Cirque du Soleil doesn’t use animals that are real.

Alexsei is an expert at his job and has been training ever since he was four years old! He went to a circus with his mom when he was 4 and saw the performers. He told her “Mom, that’s what I want to be” and his family has supported him ever since. They are very proud of him even though with them being in Russia it is hard for them to see him. He can only Facetime them once a week at most as they live in Russia. So when it is morning here they are sleeping and when they are awake, he is sleeping.

Aleksei loves what he does for a living and feels that it is important to do a job that makes you happy. He says “the circus is like a family, it has a fun and social and yet serious environment.” It is good that he enjoys it because he practices 3-5 hours a day! He is so flexible that he can even touch his pelvis to the back of his head! I watched him do some of his warmups and believe me, he does things that take more flexibility than an average person could achieve in a lifetime.

I think everyone will enjoy this show. If you have not been to a Cirque du Soleil performance, you should definitely try to attend.