It depends on her to save the world, but what if her world is her sister.


In “Five Worlds: The Sand Warrior,” Oona Lee is a young girl living in Chrysalis, the capital city of the five worlds, but she is also one of the clumsiest students at sand Dancer Academy, a school where you students come to learn how they will harness their sand powers.

An Tzu is a boy from the poorest slums in the 5 worlds. With a smart brain, and a knack of getting out of situations, An Tzu will help the team in many of their struggles.

Jax Amboy is admired by the whole galaxy as one of the best star ball players. But what’s his real life outside of fame when he has no real friends, or real anything?

When a force of evil strikes Chrysalis, the 3 are brought together to stop evil forces before time runs out.

Or the world itself.

With their limited days to light the beacon before evil takes over forever, Oona, An and Jax, along with some help from An’s plant friend, they will hopefully stop all evil from stopping their chances of regaining their world and taking it over.

I think this book was good but when I sent an email in to get the book, I thought I was going to have a summer long reading book. It turns out I finished this book in less then a week. Why? Well I’m not a fast reader; the book was a graphic novel! Don’t get me wrong I love comic books but I just didn’t know it was going to be one.

Because of this on a scale of stars one to five I would give it a three, not because it was bad but just because I fell like it was just a little easier to read and, although it was good, it was just a too easy for someone my age, I would say the age group for this book is 8-10.

Can these three unlikely heroes’ come together and put aside their differences to save the world, as they know it? Or will the world fall into the hands of evil?