Shadowcaster: The never ending war


The book ‘Shadowcaster’ by Cinda Williams Chima is a wonderful book that tells the story of an endless war from the perspective of three young people.

Lyss, the heir of the Gray Wolf Throne is a ferocious warrior that fights in an effort to protect her kingdom. She is a proud 16 year old girl that fights for peace and wishes for the excrutiating war, that wipes away family and friends, to be over. Hal, also known as Halston Matelon, is a young captain of the Southern army. He is lost in the dangerous world of life altering decisions and is faced with many challenges that he has yet to overcome. The last character the book introduces is Breon d’Tarvos. He is a musician without a home or memories. He is unwanted and has no place in the world that he knows almost nothing about.

The character development is very good while still managing being entertaining. The author carried out her thoughts and the description she gives the characters paints a clear picture in the reader’s mind. While the descriptions might be amazing, the author is also a bit repetitive with the explanations of each character’s looks. For example, she mentions that Lyss is “Thick boned” many times throughout the story.

The book is very interesting and it’s vocabulary is astonishing. It describes every event in great detail and the plot, while slow at times, is extremely entertaining. One things that should be noted is that the author rarely introduces characters. They are given names, but descriptions are not present. Their relationships with the main character are also not taken into the consideration in the very beginning. As the book progresses, the reader begins to understand who the people are and what they contribute to the story.

In conclusion, the book Shadowcaster was extremely fascinating and detailed. While a few things might lead to confusion and a less pleasant experience, the story is well thought out. The five hundred pages fly by and the interesting plot will keep the reader entertained for the entire reading process.