The Girl In Between


The Girl In Between by Sarah Carroll is about a small family that went from having everything to nothing. This book takes you into the mind of a young girl and her mother who are homeless.

In the beginning a girl and her mother have everything. The girl and her mother live with Gran who provides them with a roof over their heads, food, money and loving family. When a massive fight breaks out in between Gran and Ma, the girl and her mother are forced to leave.

Having nowhere to go the girl and her mother bounce from place to place trying to find somewhere to live, away from the authorities. The Girl always wanted to live in a castle, while roaming the streets the girl would beg Ma to find her a castle to live in. One day they stumbled upon a “castle”, and that’s where they would live.

The “castle’ little girl and her mother lived in wasn’t your ideal castle, it had worn down machines, rusty floorboards, and dirty walls. It was in poor condition, yet little girl thought the place was beautiful.

Throughout their life on the streets, Ma and the girl were to be invisible. Never to be seen by the men in yellow vests. One misstep and the girl could be caught by one of these men never to see Ma again.

Everyday Ma goes out and begs for money. She rarely gets enough money to buy food and water. To add on top of that Ma is an alcoholic. All spare change goes towards alcohol to soothe Ma’s cravings. The Girl starves for days because of her Ma’s alcohol issues.

The Girl In Between is told through the eyes of the girl. Because it is told through first person her name is never specified. This could cause some confusion towards some users, it takes some getting used to.

Reading this book gave me a perspective of what it was like to be homeless. Knowing the struggles of what it is like to be homeless you really start to empathize with these people. The Girl In Between by Sarah Carroll is a very powerful book, and I suggest everyone read it.