Star Scouts: An Incredible Fantasy Book


Mike Lawrence’s Star Scouts is an adventure about the new kid in town, Avani. She joins the local flower scouts as an attempt to fit in. To her, Flower Scouts is about adventure and fun, but to the other girls, Flower Scouts is about makeup and boys.

Meanwhile, several universes away, Mabel the alien is getting her Star Scouts homework done. In doing so she teleports Avani to her parents’ ship, where she invites Avani to join Star Scouts, which she did.

Mike Lawrence continues this thrilling adventure in Star Scouts where Avani, Mabel and her two other friends Diane and Steve have epic adventures and learn a bit about friendship.
Anyone looking for a good fantasy book should pick Star Scouts. But don’t let the fact that it’s a graphic novel fool you, Star Scouts has some pretty big words throughout it’s 185 pages. Not only does Star Scouts teach an important life lesson, but it’s hilarious! My favorite part was when Steve introduced her B.U.T.T. (yes, I spelled that correct). Just call it ‘butt’ for short. Trust me, you’ll find a way to laugh out loud on every page!

Since most non-fantasy fans won’t like the book (most likely, but if you think you might like Star Scouts, give it a try!) I give Star Scouts 4 ½ out of 5 stars.