The Book Of Henry


“The Book Of Henry” is quite a movie, and one that will most likely leave you in tears but also feel heavily inspired to do anything.

The title character, Henry (Jaeden Lieberher) is a very bright 11 year old who takes a lot of responsibility for his family, which includes his mom (Naomi Watts) and his little brother Peter (Jacob Tremblay).

At first, he’s mostly watching out for them, but then he begins to try to solve problems for his friend next door and things get very complicated.

The movie starts out very happy and you’re looking forward to seeing  something amazing happen, but with a literal “thud,” the movie goes downhill in a whirlpool of tears.

My point is that, if you don’t like tear jerkers then this movie will definitely not be the movie for you.


On that note the movie also has a bit of violence and cursing, and its not like you’re watching a movie by Steven Spielberg where the cursing is a bit hidden.


However, the audience I would suggest this movie to is ages from 9 and up to any age, because the things I heard in this movie were truly inspiring and only the greatest piece of art or T.E.D talk i’ve ever heard. (There was not actually a T.E.D talk in the movie).


If I had the chance to see the movie again I would do it in a heartbeat, except the next time I see it I’m getting some Kleenex.

This movie is an amazing “book” that I would recommend for nearly all ages.