China Movie playing at DMNS


“Mysteries of China,” at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science‚Äôs IMAX theater, was around a 45 minute film about the ancient Chinese. It had many facts on the first emperor, (Qin Shi Huang). Apparently, when he took office, there were seven regions in China. (Chu, Han, Qi, Qin, Wei, Yan, Zhao) Huang ruled the region Qin, which, when said sounds like chin. This is how the name China was developed. Huang built up a massive army and took over the other 6 regions, unifying China. He standardized a single language, currency, and weight system. Apparently China is more than 2000 years old, the oldest unified country in the world.

Qin had the biggest army in the world at that time. He had over 1 million soldiers, the first professional army in history, and, in the first three rows of every battalion, were men with the first crossbows! They also had bronze swords and arrowheads. The weaponry was discovered with the famous terracotta warriors, which many believe that Huang wanted made to guard his tomb after death, from his many enemies.

Later, Huang, with such a big empire, became obsessed with the idea that he could live eternally. After all, he had survived three assassination attempts already. He had his alchemist come to him with a way that he could live forever. The alchemist, not knowing it was poisonous, fed him mercury tablets. Soon, the poison kicked in, and Huang now thought that his enemies were trying to kill him again, and set off with a small army to avoid them. He got sicker and sicker on the trip though, and never returned alive to his palace.

His tomb is an underground palace that still stands today, its own mountain, rivaling the size of the pyramids. It has not been unearthed, because if it was, the air would take its toll. A story told in the movie was when a man had found one of the few terracotta warriors with lots of paint left on it, (Yes, they were painted, the only thing that time wore away) but when he and one other man took it outside, the paint shriveled up and crumpled away in less than 10 minutes. If they unearthed the tomb, or even tried to open it, it would destroy so much of their history, that it is not worth it. This is a great film that I recommend to everyone, especially those who want figure out the mysteries of ancient China.