Nature and Science Museum new Exhibit “Nature’s Amazing Machines”


The Denver Nature and Science museum, yet again, has another exciting new exhibit called, “Nature’s Amazing Machines.” In this exhibit people can go through different sections and learn all about how animals work like machines and work efficiently. You can read through information and there’s also many things you can try out for yourself too. People can watch short videos and use tools to better understand the exhibit.

I think “Nature’s Amazing Machines” was portrayed very well and people of all ages would enjoy this. There’s was no areas where I thought they could’ve explained anything better. It’s good for adults because they can read through things to fully understand what’s being shown. But, it’s also good for younger kids because there’s so many things they can do to entertain themselves. There’s one area where kids can be shown how wings work and use fake wings to propel themselves.

Everything’s also very visual, there’s many diagrams and pictures to look at. There’s also booths throughout the exhibit with people in them so you can look at the things they have to offer in the booth and also have it explained to you by a person. So if you have any questions, you can ask the person at the booth. This makes it very personable.

“Nature’s Amazing Machines” had a variety of sections it was divided into to make the exhibit more organized. I think doing the different sections made it even easier to comprehend. It was also nice to see how they would separate the different topics because there was so much information to go through.

Also, the color scheme and decoration in “Nature’s Amazing Machines” were very cool. When you walk in, there’s a great sign and just has a really interesting atmosphere to the whole exhibit.

Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit and think it’s great for families and people of all ages. The whole experience in that exhibit was great and I would definitely recommend everyone to see Nature and Science Museum’s new exhibit.