Everything about Canada


“The Big Book of Canada – Exploring the Provinces and Territories” by Christopher Moore is a very informational book. It is pretty much an encyclopedia of Canada. It describes a lot about Canadian history, and it teaches you about the different cultures that contribute to the overall Canadian culture.

One such culture is the Inuit people. When describing the Inuit, the book explains their migration patterns, what is going on with the tribes today, and other miscellaneous bits of information, for example, what they used to make books. Did you know that the Inuit tribes used boats made from caribou skins to migrate in order to follow the herds of animals?

It was interesting to hear how the Japanese-Canadians got there and about how the Russian-Canadiens got there. The book describes what they ate, why they came, and some pieces about their cultures that they brought with them that often ended up getting integrated into today’s Canadian culture. For example fishing techniques and whaling came from the Japanese immigrants.

The book also described the different sections of Canada. They include Quebec, Yukon, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Each one has different things that they are known for and for what they contribute to the Canadian economy – for example wheat or mining for minerals.

Various types of animals live in Canada, and you learn about them throughout the various sections. Animals like the musk oxen, the caribou, and the arctic fox are mentioned. The animals in Canada are different than what you find in the US because they have adapted to the colder climate in Canada.

It was like a school textbook and too long. There are few pictures and about 250 pages full of information. I don’t think most people will read it from beginning to the end. It is more likely that you will want to look up specific sections that you want to learn more about. Someone that enjoys history would enjoy this book.