Despicable Me 3 is a Bust Compared to the Other Three Movies


Most people love the stories that go along with the minions and ex-villain Gru, but those people will most likely be disappointed after seeing Despicable Me 3

In the movie, Gru and Lucy fight Balthazar Bratt: an outdated villain whose hit TV show was canceled, consistently steals the world’s largest diamond from safekeeping multiple times and slips away each Heist.
Gru and Lucy are fired from the Anti-Villain League because of Bratt getting away, which causes the Minions to quit and go rogue on Gru.

As well as Bratt, Gru receives news that he has a twin brother and he and the family all go to meet him. Gru dislikes Dru, mainly because of his eccentric personality and luscious locks of hair.
After the girls go to the local town, Dru shows Gru a secret villain hideout and convinces him to go on a ride in his family’s car. After a police chase over two lollipops, Gru and Dru decide to steal the world’s biggest diamond from Bratt, to which Dru doesn’t know is for getting Gru’s job back.

After Gru’s diamond heist, Bratt launches into his evil plan that threatens everyone in Gru’s family, the minions, and Hollywood.

There were several different plot lines that confused me at first, but the end linked them all together, I only wish they made the plots clearer in the beginning.

I had to note: Gru and Lucy were speeding through the ocean in pods when it shows a scene of two clownfish. All of the sudden, the two spies rip through the fish, leaving a clownfish staring in horror at its companion’s fin floating through the water. I feel that it was not for humor, but it was insulting Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

Along with that, there is a clear line between inappropriate humor and just plain inappropriate. The minions make jokes that dwindle right on the line which was not fit for this movie.

Compared to the amazing Minions, Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, this movie completely missed the target. If you wanted to see it, I would recommend waiting until it was free to rent because this movie was scattered, random, and had unnecessary points in the plot that made everything hard to follow. It was cute, but I think Universal/Illumination could’ve put more effort into it.