Comic Con Fueled By Creative Expression


Denver Comic Con was an outstanding experience like no other. Innovation, aspiration, and excitement mingled with every single attendee. Comic Con was a place where people with a wondrous sense of ambitious admiration gathered to celebrate creative ideas that were sprung to life out of people with superpowers of the imagination. An unimaginable amount of people stood united in an enormous celebration of their love for comics and the positive impact on their lives. Seas of people expressed tsunamis of excitement.

Many attendees expressed their effervescent creativity through cosplay and even Galen, a service dog at Comic Con enthusiastically joined in on the action dressing up too! Nell Oswald, 11 years old, came back to Comic Con for a second time and she explained,”It’s fun to cosplay and you get a bunch of compliments. There are also so many activities!” There was every comic book and TV show character imaginable cosplayed by devoted attendees. Some cosplayers put their inventiveness to work and made their own show-stopping costumes. Many cosplayers felt confident and empowered dressing up as their favorite character. Indubitably, young and old got caught up in creative expression.

Rows and rows of vendors created a maze in which people wove in and out of as they peered at the comics, shirts, posters, food, action figures, comic book sleeves, and more. There were interactive props that the younger crowd enjoyed connecting with and others captured the moment in a photo. Around 30 panels took place in both the Captain Colorado Stage and Night Lynx Stage. Some of the panelists included Weird Al Yankovic, Millie Bobby Brown, and Billie Piper. In the Captain Colorado Stage, setting a Guinness world record for the most cosplayers from original comic books was attempted, but unfortunately missed by a long shot.

Denver Comic Con is an experience I would definitely recommend for those excited about ideas and characters coming off pages and into our lives for the better. Comic Con was chock full of enough enthusiasm and inspiration to fuel Gotham City for years!