9 News Youth Journalism Day


Becky Ditchfield and Cory Reppenhagen are meteorologists for 9 News. More specifically, storm chasers. A storm chaser is someone who drives in the area of storms to capture the storm with images. A storm chaser is a very risky job because you could die if you got caught in a very bad storm. Reppenhagen also drives the new Weather Titan, a couple month old truck.

Ditchfield said, “As a meteorologist, you have to have a background in a lot of different sciences to one be able to look at all the models and analyze them, predict what’s going on, have a knowledge of your viewership, who’s out and where so you can tell people who are in those dangerous areas to stay safe.”

From a couple years ago, technology has advanced so much in so many different ways. The Weather Titan has modern electronic gadgets everywhere such as cameras on the roof and TV in the backseat that livestreams one weather channel, pressure gauge, and two cameras in the car.

Also if you watch 9 News, you know that Ditchfield is recorded in front of a background. There is a video camera in the truck so if they are storm chasing, they can live stream without stopping.Ditchfield’s schedule for every day used to be wake up at about 2 a.m., get to work at about 3 a.m., and then work until about 12:30 p.m., but now most days she gets to sleep in and doesn’t have to get to work until 9 a.m., to then work until 5 p.m. Remember, if there is a storm, get under cover immediately.