9th Street Through the Years


Today, Professor Amend walked us through the history of 9th street. Professor Amend lead our tour that consisted of a Youth Journalism Day summer camp.

9th street started in Auraria, Colorado. Since the 1870s houses have been on this street. In the 1800s and 1900s it served as a stopping place for miners. The miners wouldn’t stay here for long, they would soon need to leave again in search for gold. Looking back on the 1800s, you will find that people then weren’t as tall as we are today. For the sizes of the people, doorways were made to be shorter. In the 1800s, residents did not have air conditing and heating. Instead of using these necessities to adjust the temperature of their house, they built in small windows that were placed above the doors. The windows were used to ventilate and bring light into the structure. Two families would live in one house. One family on each side. Each building on this street is unique. The architecture, design and color varies between each house. Each house has a distinct difference that makes it stand out on its own. Some houses have flat roofs, where as other houses had triangular roofs. Every house is differently decorated as well. 9th street was a thriving community from the 1900s to the 1960s.

Today it is a part of the Auraria campus. Each building has been modified from its original form. The houses were specifically modified to fit the time period. To make this street look as if you were in the resident’s time period.