A Bear’s Tale

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Sissy the bear was a friend to everyone and influenced them at her home. The first replica of Bent’s fort.

The first two months of sissy the bears life was spent at a game farm. During the short time while she was there, she was declawed and every time she gnawed on something to stop the pain of her growing teeth, she would get hit by a pipe. The Denver Zoo rescued her but couldn’t keep her because she didn’t have the right strength to defend herself from the other bears. The Denver Zoo found an animal trainer who named Tuffy Trusdale who knew a ton about bears he even had a wrestling bear named Victor, but that didn’t work either.

Trusdale met Sam Arnold, father of Holly Arnold Kidney who brought Sissy home to the first Replica of Bents Fort. Sissy immediately grew a strong connection to a German Shepard named Lobo. Kidney and her family trained Sissy to do tricks. One of those tricks was kissing, you hold a cherry loose in your lips then Sissy puts her paws on your shoulders and gently pull the cherry from your lips and then they “kiss.” Another trick is going down to the bar and drinking soda. She holds the soda bottle with two hands and drinks from tiny hole poked in the lid.

After a year or two later her dog friend Lobo went out at night and didn’t come back. In the morning they found Lobo with close to death with infected with bites, possibly from raccoons. They took them to the veterinarian and during the night he passed away. He got buried under a pine tree next to the fort. Kidneys father and mother died, her father from diabetes and her mother from ovarian cancer, and her brother from a car accident. Soon after Sissy bear died. But to be true sissy was not gone, she was in their hearts. Sissy bear was a friend to everyone she met.