A class/interview with Industrial Designer Ted Shin


Tech is everywhere, in your phone, in your car, and everywhere you go, but you don’t always see what’s inside that technology. Industrial Designer Ted Shin talked first about design. Their goal is to make products attractive, useful, functional, comfortable, pleasing, safe and efficient. Also it’s important to make sure they are all massed produced.

Now into the designer’s job and what it means to be Industrial Designer. Industrial Designers are to create, develop, and solve problems now and in the future. Designers also have to study human factors to make their products beneficial and helpful. Industrial Design is professional service of creating and developing.

Industrial Design is not always fancy buildings, big sky scrapers, and even coal trains. It can be smaller than your phone. A big part to execute there ideas is drawing, sketching, and 3D modeling. There are three types of drawing: technology drawing, production drawing, and engineer drawing.

One of the creations somebody made was a hairdryer. It was white and it was wireless. Also the sleekness and how it comfortable it looked when you hold it. Even just this simple design can make things a lot beneficial.

But wait. . . You said there were posters but what about all those projects that they work on?? Well, there in the middle of moving into a new Building. They will be fully moved in on Monday, July 24th.

Thanks to Designers like Ted Shin, life can be a lot more beneficial and helpful