A day at Metro


July twentieth which is today happens to be international journalism day along with the day that we have the youth journalism event to attend. We started the day off with listening to many speakers talk about what it takes to be in their profession. Along with meeting a professor on campus who is in the industrial designing business.
Good tips for writing consists of many things. When writing it’s good to make two spaces between paragraphs so that way, when it is printed our uploaded, it looks professional. Your goal is to capture a reader’s attention and that really helps when you’re a curious writer. When capturing a reader’s attention you want to have the basic background information which includes; who, what, when, why, and where. While you’re focusing on all of these things, you also want to make sure it’s simple, brief, and clear to understand.

Capturing Photojournalism isn’t all that easy. The photo that is taken really does have some kind of story or meaning behind it but it also has to be self explanatory. Creating these still life pictures can be gift. Especially when the moment can be captured in different angles because it gives the piece it’s own unique touch. Being a photographer itself though comes along with a lot of self criticism which can help you at times but also hold you back.

Interviewing is overall something that can get you far in life because it can be used very often in our everyday lives. It may not seem obvious but when interviewing someone you will want to get the correct spelling on their name along with their business card. Establishing ground rules and being in charge of the interview can really help because those you want to remember that you’re the one asking questions, not them. You want to allow your source to think and speak their answers because it can make an impact on the way your article turns out. Another thing to keep in mind during this process is to keep an open mind because new questions may come up along with new opportunities.

Last but not least, I had the opportunity to meet Ted Shin who is a professor on campus that teaches industrial design. Being an industrial designer consists of designing the basics and functions of a product that will eventually benefit many people. I learned from Ted that many similar things can have the same technology on the inside, they just have a different looking outside. These designers go through the process of finding a problem, getting an idea from it, sketching it out, drawing it, making models and prototypes, and then finally it will be manufactured. Once it’s manufactured it mass produced so that many people can experience whatever product that it is.

I found it interesting toward the end of Ted’s presentation. A student had asked him, “What made you want to become a industrial designer?” His answer was that in fact since he was younger he had wanted to become a cartoonist but as he grew up to be in high school his father had told him that he wasn’t going to be able to live off of that. Therefore one night, he was watching a documentary that was about this profession and it had really caught his attention. He had told us too about the fact that he had used to work with samsung and he had came up with the idea of a touch screen phone but at the time, his boss didn’t think that it was something good enough to sell.