A Day in the Life of Meteorologist


On Youth Journalism Day, Becky Ditchfield and Cory Reppenhagen, meteorologists for NBC’s local news station, 9News came. In a parking garage were 9News’ newest storm chaser, the Weather Titan, was parked, were Ditchfield and Reppenhagen, explaining what it’s like being a meteorologist.

Ditchfield explained how she was afraid of storms, and now chases them. “In the middle of the night, I would run to my parents’ room.” Ditchfield said.

Ditchfield was always into weather and has a degree in Meteorology. She started her career in Nebraska, then moved to Arkansas, then she moved to Denver were she and her family lives happily. She chased down hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards, oh my!

Reppenhagen is the only guy on the 9News team that is allowed to drive the all new Weather Titan, which is how he helps in the storm-chasing excitement called 9News!

The Weather Titan is armed with 6 television screens to have a view of the storm from all angles, and 2 moving cameras, one on the inside, one on the roof.

Ditchfield and Reppenhagen have been chasing storms since Ditchfield came to Denver from Little Rock, Arkansas. The two now track down storms together for the rest of their 9News journey.