A Look Into Industrial Design Today


Professor ted shin gave us a tour of the thriving industrial design program. He told us about the five categories his students should know; creative problem solving, ability to convey concepts with sketches, verbal and written communications, computer proficiency, and mechanical aptitude. He is striving to teach his students the process of going from the identified problem to the final production of the solution. We also learned that industrial design is really the crossroads of engineering and art where the artists can take their ideas and use them to innovate everyday products to look and feel aesthetically pleasing. These intelligent students must have good people skills as well as an artsy side to them.

Professor ted shin for example, was set on being a cartoonist since first grade until his father told him he would not make enough money. He thought all hope was lost until one night he saw a documentary on industrial design and decided he would pursue that. He is responsible for the clamshell phone from samsung as well as many other designs and innovations.

Metro State is just launching a new engineering and industrial design building that will allow them more space for their growing program. The metro state industrial design program is NASDA approved and teaches with the STEAM program which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Aesthetics, and Mathematics. Their program includes multiple 3D printers as well as a plasma metal cutter and multiple wood saws.

All in all the metro state program is important to the future of our ever changing world. This program, with all of it’s newer equipment and innovations will surely turn out the world’s next leaders in industrial design.