A Walk Through the Halls in the King Center


All the places one can go in the King Center, such as, the Concert Hall, the Recital Hall, the Music and Dance Studio, and the Rawls Theatre, is absolutely mind blowing.

The Concert Hall is said to be one of the best theaters in the state of Colorado. This performance area seats 520 members of the audience. There have been many forms of performance here, such as, dance recitals, or band, orchestra, and choir concerts. There have been many musicals and plays that occur here. One show that is performed each year is the, Holiday Card to the City, which is a show that includes all kinds of musicians. The Department Chair of Music, Dr. Peter Schimpf, helps put on this show.

The Recital Hall is used for many recitals. This stage has a microphone that records all of the performances that have occurred here. It seats 200 people. The lights on this stage can be changed to a variety of colors. There is no backstage in this performance area. The acoustics are very good in this hall, but amplified music isn’t recommended here.

The Music and Dance Studio is mainly used for practices for shows even though it is meant to be a dance studio. The floor is a sprung floor which is perfect for dancing since the floor is easy to jump on. There are multiple music rehearsals here too.

The Rawls Theatre’s full name is Eugenia Rawls Courtyard Theatre. One unique thing about this theatre is that if you help fund the theatre program you get a chair named after you. This theatre is mainly used for musicals and plays. It is said to be haunted by a ghost that gets mad if there isn’t a light on overnight.

The Kenneth King Center is shared by Metropolitan State University (MSU), Community College of Denver (CCD), and University of Colorado Denver (UCD). It was done being made in the year 2000. The King Center is a main theater building.