About Video Editing


Video editing is a great hobby if you love computers and making great videos and pictures.

As an example of video editing, in the movie “Wonder Women” the editors put intense music in the background to make certain scenes more dramatic. Another example of video editing is videos on the internet, such as those seen on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Even the simplest things can be considered video editing. Everything from putting a filter on a video on Instagram to changing your voice on Snapchat is video editing. Bob Amend, a professor of technical communication at Metropolitan State University of Denver taught about footage, special effects, fading, jump cutting, color correcting and audio. Those are the basics of video editing, he said.

Video editing can make anything seem dramatic. Adding intense music, putting characters into slow motion, or any special effects are also video editing. Special effects make superheroes fly, or produce the bolts of lightning and streaks of red as The Flash runs.

Also you can find video editing at a live concert, when performers are projected onto screens or video images appear around them. Video editing also appears on news footage when editors clear up sound in the background. In news, video editing can be used to highlight a person or zoom in and out of news videos, said Cardinal Tomczyk, an MSU Denver journalism student.