Amazing Art Discovered at Metro State University


Artwork of all shapes and sizes reflects creative ideas about the students and faculty of the university. Before walking into the student success building, stop to admire the creative wood benches outside. A graduate used wood from trees killed by beetles to create artistic and convenient sitting places. Continuing inside the building, there is a mural depicting downtown Denver inside a lightbulb.

Paths radiate outwards, crossing and weaving around each other. One interpretation of this work is the different paths of different people, crossing and weaving together in different ways, showing how everyone is unique in their own way. One of the less known works are the pictures that can cover the offices in the front room. They are pictures taken of places around the university, with words over top. They can slide down to cover the front of these offices. Upstairs there is a wall covered in pages from discarded textbooks. There are sheets of music, pages from Dr.Suess, science and math, and much more. They are folded into unique squares and triangles. Past this way, cushioned reading nooks provide a comfortable space to work without being disturbed. The building boasts many more works of art, showing the amazing minds of all at this university.