An Adventure Inside The King Theatre


The King Center, located at Metropolitan State University, is an amazing building for students to explore the world of performing arts, Dance, Music, and vocals. It has some amazing theatres and practice spaces for young performers to execute their passion. 

The King Center has multiple different areas for students to practice and perform. Some of these include Black Boxes, three theatres of different sizes, classrooms, and music and dance studios. The King Center is also rented by Community College Of Denver, and University of Colorado Denver. The Concert Hall is the biggest performance space, containing 520 seats. It is used for musical performances. The concert Hall is bright, big, and you almost felt the energy of sitting in the theatre, waiting for a show to start. The Eugenia Rawls theatre is the next biggest, containing 300 seats. This theatre is used for plays and musicals. The smallest theatre, is Recital Hall. It contains 200 seats, and is used for small performances. The Music and dance studios are a good rehearsal and practice space.

Department Chair of Music, Peter Schimpf, is a teacher in music history. He plays ancient instruments such as the lute. He also plays many traditional instruments along with guitar. He knows the King Center well, and has a lot of knowledge in the music industry.

The King Center is a wonderful space for performers to make memories on stage, and explore their passion. It has such an inspiring feel inside, and many students enjoy their time there.