Art History at the Student Success Building


Deanne Pytlinski took us on a short tour of some of the artwork at the Denver Auraria Campus Student Success Building. Outside the building were two benches made by a student. He used beetle kill wood from trees that had been infested with the bugs. On the walkway were quotes from famous artists. Before entering the building Deanne showed us a water sculpture that was put in the grass near where we were standing After letting us take a few pictures she led us inside were more artwork awaited us.

When we walked in there was a painting painted on the wall. It showed a lightbulb with the city of Denver inside. From the lightbulb were paths. Deanne said this piece meant, the campus was connected to the community and the paths were pathways to success. Deanne was apart of the people who help design the school when it was being built. The painting was very colorful and it was very detailed as well.

The next piece hung from the ceiling. It is a more industrial piece Deanne thought. There were big long visible nails and the only colorful part of the piece was the red. Wood pieces surrounded the red, and when light came through the red it was very beautiful. We took a few pictures of the piece and then moved on.

This next piece was very comfortable. It had a lot of red and was under the stairs. This was where the ceiling was hung before it was moved to where it was when we were just there. We took pictures of the piece and sat on it ( other students were as well) while Deanne talked.

Next we when to a piece a teacher made. She used lots of old textbooks and ripped the pages out. She turned them into an origami wall sculpture. The artwork covered almost the whole wall, and all of us loved it we took yet more pictures and talked some more. We were cautioned not to touch it much as the oils on our hands will eventually damage the piece. Not all of the paper was the same color and they were not all on the same subject. We saw some music pages and some with food. I asked Deanne if she had any idea on what may have inspired the piece. She said, “Susan was especially thinking about what the students were doing and studies.” We then moved on to one of our last pieces.

This piece was what we decided were human cubbies. They were made into the wall and were big enough for three of us to fit. It had one outlet, and a light above. These human cubbies added good color to the wall as practically everything is white. We loved this piece and didn’t have to move to see our last and final piece.

Our last piece was located on the wall as well. It was photographs of what seemed to be a grandma’s house. There was an old style landline and iron. All of the furniture, was nothing made beyond 1950. Deanne said that Tomico’s (artist) grandma had just died recently before she made the piece. She also said Tomico liked to tell her story in fragments.

Seeing the art at the Auraria Campus Student Success Building was so fun to do. The art is so nice to look at and it really adds nice color. It has so much history to it as well.