Artwork Pulses in the Heart of the Campus


The Student Success building is the heart of the campus, where students go to find financial help or the admissions office. Once they walk in they will discover the wondrous imagination of artists expressed through art.

The Student Success building, on Metropolitan State University of Denver, was built in 2012, to later be renovated in 2016. Deane Pytlinski, an art history teacher there, helped choose the artwork that would later tell the past and present of the local community. While Deane Pytlinski is an art history teacher, she can also be an exquisite guide through the building, telling you the story of each piece of artwork.

The architect, RNL Designs, thought that the building was the heart of the campus. So they used that concept the design of the building, and the surrounding area. Outside the building, there is a small area with hills portraying the waves of the ocean. When the waves of grass end, there is a beautiful piece of artwork by Rik Sargent. It is a piece of metal that looks like the ocean, and all the beautiful things it holds. While it is portraying the ocean, the shape of the piece is like a clear glass ball, with splashing water at the top.

Inside you can find many different pieces of artwork, one of which is a hanging group of boxes, with red plastic on the inside. When the sun is aligned with the boxes, and you can see through them. The sculpture re-creates the building in which you are in.

Proceeding upstairs, there is an amazing displayed on a wall. The artist, Susan Porteous, collected old textbooks from some of the teachers at the university. She and a couple of other students folded hundreds of pages of paper, into cones. The end result was a wide spreading mosaic.

There is another outstanding piece of artwork, it is a mural done by Carlos Fresquez’s class. When creating the mural, the class was hoping to get across the idea of success. With the many pathways leading from Denver, in the middle of the painting. The mural was painted downstairs on the wall, located near the entrance.


The building holds the many hidden treasures of the campus, each with their own story and meaning behind them. Although, there are many pieces of artwork inside, the building in whole is the true treasure. As Pytlinski explained, “The Student Success building is the heart of the campus, it is the home of the students. Every piece of art is of value to the building, even if it is not seen.”